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The easiest path to a listener-supported podcast

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Get to know your listeners a bit more. Engage them beyond your podcast.

Fan emoji

Listeners choose their fan emoji

Name and email address

Contact info shared with you

Export and download

Export & email your subscribers

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Recurring Support

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Premium Content

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Choose the subscription model that works best for your audience and your publishing workflow.

Listeners select a “Value 4 Value” amount that matches (or exceeds) the value they’ve received from your podcast. Start accepting recurring support with no added effort, or incentivize listeners to support your show by offering premium subscriber-only content such as bonus episodes.

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Reach listeners where they’re at

Enabling subscriptions across your podcast is as easy as dropping a link to your subscription page in your show notes. Premium episodes are published into your free feed just like any other episode. You do the marketing, we handle the rest including highly secure credit card payments, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Subscriber info at your fingertips

You’ll find subscriber name, email address, fan emoji, and amount paid in a handy table inside your Buzzsprout account. Export and download subscriber info in a .CSV file which can you upload to your favorite email campaign software such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Subscriber Dashboard
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Easy peasy payouts

Subscriber payments go straight to your Buzzsprout Wallet. We charge a low, transparent 15% flat fee. You can apply your balance toward your Buzzsprout hosting or cash out anytime via PayPal.

Set up your subscription in less than 2 minutes

Like everything we do at Buzzsprout, our podcast subscription solution doubles down on simplicity. In less than 2 minutes any podcaster, regardless of audience size, can set up a listener-supported show.