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Buzzsprout champions the open podcast community. We love supporting conferences, meetups, and independent creators big and small. In most cases, indie podcasters fund and finance their contributions to the podcasting community on their own, oftentimes spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours in service to their niche of loyal fans.

While we can't change this for everyone, we can make a difference for some. And that's why we're excited to offer the Buzzsprout Creator Program. The Buzzsprout Creator Program allows Buzzsprout to partner with independent podcasters to help support their endeavors, grow their influence, and creates an alignment between their brand and Buzzsprout.

All creators in the program receive free podcast hosting on Buzzsprout, Buzzsprout T-Shirts/Stickers/Swag, $20 credits on paid Buzzsprout referrals, 1 conference ticket per year (Podcast Movement, Podfest Multimedia Expo, T&C Summit, or FlynnCon), and a monthly stipend based on their level of influence.

The program is designed to serve 3 types of participants:


A Buzzsprout Podcast Creator produces high-quality and consistent podcast content. This is a broad category and we can only partner with a few podcasts at this level each year. We're looking for shows and personalities that align with our brand and could benefit from some basic financial support.


A Buzzsprout Podcast Coach produces content targeted at the independent podcast community with an educational focus. While every episode may not specifically be a "how-to" or "gear review," overall the audience is tuning in because they are interested in starting or growing a podcast.


A Buzzsprout Advisor is an established podcast professional interested in helping guide the direction of Buzzsprout. Typically they are the primary host of one or more podcasts and have been involved in the podcasting space for 5+ years.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply to the Buzzsprout Creator Program, please review the basic requirements below. If you don't currently host your podcast on Buzzsprout but would be open to switching if accepted, please create a free account and try/learn the platform first. All creators must be passionate fans of Buzzsprout first - not because we're paying you to love it.

  • Hosts podcast(s) with Buzzsprout
  • Publishes a minimum of 2 high-quality podcast episodes each month
  • New episodes reach a minimum of 500 downloads within first 30 days

Apply Now

If accepted into the program, you will receive an offer letter with the requirements, expectations, and compensation details. Commitment terms are 1 year and renewable by mutual agreement.

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