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Does Buzzsprout Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, with Buzzsprout's affiliate program, you can earn $20 for every paid account you refer to Buzzsprout. Every person you refer to Buzzsprout will also receive a $20 credit in their account so they're incentivized to use your link! 

Sign Up for Buzzsprout

Here's how to sign up and receive your referral code:
  1. Sign up for a Buzzsprout Account
  2. Then go to Settings > Refer A Friend
  3. Copy your Referral Code and use it to refer people to Buzzsprout!

Technical Details

  • Log into your account often: To maintain an affiliate account you must log in to your Buzzsprout account at least once every 6 months so it doesn't expire.
  • Attribution cookies: Attribution cookies do not expire and you will be credited for a paid referral even if somebody doesn’t upgrade to a paid account for years.
  • Link to any page: Your affiliate code will work with any URL on Buzzsprout, so you get credit for sending your audience to any of our podcasting guides.

Fine Print

  • Payout terms: You will not receive payment until the podcaster you refer upgrades to a paid account and has been charged for two months. 
  • Self-dealing: You may not refer yourself, you cannot be listed on an account you refer, and you cannot pay for any account you refer to Buzzsprout.
  • Disallowed promotion: You may not promote your affiliate link on Buzzsprout social media pages, in Buzzsprout groups, using paid advertisements (Google Ads, social media, etc.), or on "coupon sites."
  • Honesty policy: You cannot promote your link by claiming exclusive discounts or services that are not offered by Buzzsprout. 
  • Termination: At Buzzsprout's sole discretion, your affiliate account may be terminated if you violate any of these terms or use your link in a dishonest, deceptive, or damaging manner. 

Cashout Via Paypal

Here's how you cashout your Buzzsprout credit through PayPal:
  1. Log in to your Buzsprout Account
  2. Go to Settings > Wallet
  3. Click Cashout Via PayPal
  4. Follow the steps to cashout your credit through your PayPal account
If you run into any questions, let us know!