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Ask Pat

"Buzzsprout is great! Their customer service is fantastic and it's a great product. You should check them out."Pat FlynnHost, Ask Pat

Starve the Doubts Podcast

"I have been a proud Buzzsprout client for years. The website is easy to use, and the support has always been helpful."Jared EasleyCo-Founder, Podcast Movement

The Come Up Podcast

"We started hosting our podcast on SoundCloud but switched because we love the fact that we get more value at a better price."Courtney StephenHost, The Come Up Podcast

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"A good place to get started

We had a need to get started and Buzzsprout makes that possible. It has a few setup options and allows you to start small without a large learning curve. It is easily upgradable so you can start small and then try new things too.

Dave McCue, Colville Community Church
"Super easy to use

We have just started podcasting, and researching, we saw a lot of recommendations for Buzzsprout. It was so easy to set up, and adding new episodes is a breeaze.

Mike Cliffe-Jones, Lanzarote Information
"Absolutely Love Buzzsprout

I love Buzzspout because I only have to upload it once. Once you get the initial setup going with iTunes, Google you upload your sermon and boom it shows up everywhere else. Customer service is awesome, before signing up with the subscription plan I had a lot of questions and they were very quick and courteous with their responses.

Josiah Ramirez, Fuel Church
"A Great Podcasting Resource

We use Buzzsprout to podcast our church sermons. Buzzsprout offers a good sotfware that's easy for our volunteers to use. The price points are reasonable and it was no problem to upgrade when we needed more space for storage. One of the best features was the ease of embedding their player into our website.

Jonathan Greenhill, Huguenot Road Baptist Church
"A great tool

This has been a tremendous tool as I communicate regularly with a large group of contacts. When I need to find someone's information I no longer have to dig through stacks of paper or search through my email. It is a big time saver.

Dee Scott , Grundy Technologies
"Buzzsprout is Awesome!

The site has been truly awesome. It offers simple solution to hosting a podcast and offers you the choice of time you purchase each month. That alone is very useful and an amazing benefit.

Mouse Cole, Rat FIles
"Simple, but perfect!

I produce two different podcasts and I love Buzzsprout. It's so simple and easy to use. They make publishing your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher as easy as 1,2,3! I also love the soundbite feature, this has helped me gain traffic on certain episodes. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to start a podcast to use Buzzsprout!

Mallisa Mott, The Dr. Diet Show
"Absolutely Satisfied

Our church uses Buzzsprout to host our sermons and some additional teaching. It is simple, easy and effective! I am very thankful for Buzzsprout!

Ben Killerlain , Calvary Church
"The Best Platform out there!

I've used other services in the past, but none with the flexibility, value or ease of use that Buzzsprout provides. Very happy with the services. I recommend them to anyone I know that is starting or currently has a podcast.

Nathan Furr, Redeemer Bloomington
"Buzzsprout is an easy way to start a podcast

I've used Buzzsprout for three or four years now and it has been a great resource. It makes it very easy to get started and to upload episodes. Their features are great and the interface is easy to use. If you are just getting started, I'd definitely recommend trying Buzzsprout's service.

David Hall, Kerygma Ventures
Tony Bonilla Salty Nerd Pat Flynn Podcast Insights Frances Langum Jared Easley Podcast Hosting The Midlife Entrepreneurs
"Worthy of the buzz!

Great value. Easy to use. Always reliable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to have podcast on your website and/or iTunes.

Kevin Cerrito, Cerrito Live
"Will never use another service

The podcast experience for a new podcaster can be scary but Buzzsprout walks you through everything including getting on iTunes.

Jerry Paulley, Hillbilly Horror Stories
"We Love this for our church

We've been using Buzzsprout for about two years now to host our sermon recordings for church. I love that the site is so flexible - iTunes, custom Buzzsprout site, linked without our app, and now the visual recordings to advertize in our social media accounts. It's been easy to use and easy to train our church media volunteers to post recordings for us. Would highly recommend to any church thinking about getting their sermons online.

Leah Carolan, Cedar Hills Community Church
"Very impressed

I really am happy with Buzzsprout. It's an easy way to perform the tasks I have each week with my artists. I find the price very affordable and the simplicity of the upload and editing the podcasting info is perfect for what I need.

Nat Rich On Air Radio Syndication
"Very Happy!

We are very pleased to post our weekly podcast on Buzzsprout. Each month we are surprised by the number and the locations of our listeners. Buzzsprout gives us a great platform and quality stats to track our audience. We are very happy with the service!

Scott Tjernagel, River City Vineyard Community Church
"I absolutely love Buzzsprout.

I get to very painlessly host a podcast that I love to create.

Ryan Cagle , Lessons From Dead Guys Podcast
"I highly recommend Buzzsprout!

I have never created a podcast and needed to create one for my church. After extensive research, I picked Buzzsprout and I am very glad I did. The main decision points in picking Buzzsprout was it ease of use and its price. I am very pleased with Buzzsprout and highly recommend their service.

Michael Bowman, FCCZ
"It doesn't get any easier than this

I upload podcasts to different websites for clients of mine. I panicked the first time a client asked me to upload his podcast, but it was to Buzzsprout and couldn't have been easier.

Becky Blanton, The Homeless Entrepreneur
"Just what I was looking for

Easy to use, great price, does exactly what I need. Sound quality is very good and have had a lot of compliments on my posts.

Carroll Harvey, Good Tidings A/G church

Buzzsprout has made it super easy for our church to share a podcast. Our effectiveness in reaching people is amplified by using their affordable services. I highly recommend Buzzsprout to everyone!

Wade Allen, Restoration Christian Church
"Excellent service and easy to use

I have been using Buzzsprout for at least six, maybe seven years. The easy to use interface and tiered plans make it easy to get started while providing the tools and features for pros at an excellent cost. I'd recommend it to anyone from beginner to pro!

Justin Bradley, Justin Bradley Ministries
"What's not to love!

Buzzsprout is affordable and easy to use. It streamlines the process. This is exactly what we needed and we are loving it!

Bill White Village Heights
Customer Support Ratings
"Great hosting service for podcasters!

This is a great service for those starting a podcast who don't have a lot of staff or experience; or even just those who don't have a lot of time. It makes getting episodes out to your audience very easy and even tracks your listens so you know how things are going. It's well worth the reasonable fees. It really makes things simple.

Noelle McLaughlin , Agent Adapt Podcast
"Always a fan

Their communication is impeccable! Anytime I have had a question, they have been there to answer it within hours if that. They embed player is incredible and other services are brilliant! I wouldn't go with anyone else

Adam Johnson , Misguided Consultation
"Amazing Service

Great rates and very easy to change plans. They give you tons of options for sharing your podcast, as well as great stats on everything. I'd highly recommend it for your podcasting needs.

Casey Pletcher , The Gory Details Horror Show
"A Must For Any Podcaster!!

Buzzspeout could not have made it any easier or make fun to have a podcast, super easy and always works, I especially love the stats that they track for me!

Tara Davis , Teaching Truth
"The easiest route to Podcasting!

I found that Buzzsprout was the best option for me as far as simplicity and powerful features. And the customer service is top notch! A huge plus! I couldn't see myself going with another host anytime soon. I'm so glad I made the decision to go with them!

Bryan Arnold,
"The podcast host that will melt your face off

Incredibly easy to upload audio. Visual presentation to listeners is continually improving. The ability to create an 'app' button is a nice feature, but you'd have to have some hardcore, dedicated fans to want that rather than just a bookmark on their browser. The analytics are great although they may not be detailed enough for super-serious users. For shorter or less serious productions, the free tier is a nice option.

Brandon Scheldt,
"Amazing Resource

Buzzsprout has helped us be able to reach people all over the world with the Gospel. We started out as a fairly small church and the affordability and ease of use worked perfectly for our church. As we have grown we have been able to utilize all of the new features that Buzzsprout has added such as short audio clips of the sermon to post on Facebook. I would highly recommend Buzzsprout to any church looking to spread their messages and sermons.

Aaron Jones, Legacy Church
"This is the ONLY way to Podcast!

Buzzsprout makes Podcasting so easy and it is actually fun to use. Try it and you will be hooked, too! I have used other services, but none impressed me as they were hard to use and the customer service was only thru emails I did not want.

Elbert Hardy,
"We love it!

We love using Buzzsprout to reach our audience on Android devices, and the like! Very easy to use, and love the interface!

Garid Beeler, VISION City Church
Customer Support Ratings
"zero problems. so easy to use.

Buzzsprout is straight forward and easy to use. My favorite feature is that it's super simple to go back and make corrections, even after you've published an episode. I literally have no complaints.

Nicki Summy, Wits' End Church
"Wonderful and easy podcast experience

Buzzsprout is a very easy and user friendly tool that helps you publish your podcasts and host them at the same time.

Gabriel Salgado, The Apps Tailors
"So happy to find Buzzsprout!

After having struggled with Podcasting for several months, Buzzsprout has been our answer! The software is very easy to use, it has nice enough features that look professional to our listeners. The price point is more than worth the money! A+!!!!

Stacie Sampson, Zion Word Church
"Love Buzzsprout!

When I was first looking for a podcast hosting service, I attended Podcast Movement and met the people at Buzzsprout. They were very helpful, and their services and prices met my needs. I especially like their feature of transferring existing podcasts to their service. The stats are also very easy to use, and uploading an episode is super easy and fast. Wonderful service!

Dax Stokes , The Vampire Historian Podcast
"I did not think Podcasting would be this EASY

"This was my first foray into Podcasting and I did not know what to do or how to do it. I am so glad that I found Buzzsprout. I can easily upload my podcast the moment I finish recording. I can also easily view my statistics and reviews as well. This is a fantastic service, if you don't want to get bogged down by tech jargon and just want to easily get your podcast out, this is the service."

Mike Reynolds My Pursuit Podcast
"Makes a first time podcaster look like a pro

I was surprised how easy Buzzsprout made podcasting. I had never none anything like this before and in a short time I was looking like a pro online.

Randy Hounsell, New Life Community Church
"So Great Socks Knocked Off

I have had a wonderful experience with Buzzsprout. The one time I had a concern about the process, I sent a message to support and received a response within hours, that was very impressive.

Cece Denno, Sincerely Yours Podcast
"Highly recommend Buzzsprout

I've been using Buzzsprout for 5 years now and absolutely love the ease of use, and the continual updates to enhance the user experience. I've recommended this to many colleagues.

Robert Miller, New Life Assembly
"Great way to get started!

Buzzsprout is unbelievably easy to use and it was really easy to link to iTunes. I like the data it provides you so that you know how your programme is going. I recommend it for anyone starting out on there first podcasting adventure!

Jessica Ferriday , The Be Well Project
"Great Podcast Provider

Buzzsprout has provided us the podcast hosting experience that we were unable to find from other providers. Features that are easy to use, social media sharing, unlimited storages, and low monthly rates are just a few of the reasons that we will continue to work with Buzzsprout. If you are looking to start a podcast or are looking for a new hosting provider, definitely give Buzzsprout a chance as your solution!

Bradley Swanson, Talking Twins