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Why should you switch from…

Steep learning curve
Libsyn helped pioneer the RSS Spec in the early 2000's, but their background has lead them to focus on a much more technical audience. Each podcast has multiple feeds to configure and dozens of options that only apply to 1% of podcasters.

You have to do the technical work
Episodes need to be properly encoded, tagged, and artwork added before upload. Make one little mistake and your episode could sound terrible or not play for your listeners. If you want to add transcoding or stats to your account that's an additional charge.

Complicated pricing
Plans start at $5/month, but podcasters quickly see their bills increasing. Since Podcast Storage is measured in MB it's difficult to know whether your show will fit until you upload it. And then there are additional costs for things like media transcoding and statistics.

The Buzzsprout Advantage
  • Modern and easy to use
  • No technical expertise needed
  • Customizable web players match your brand
  • Clear and fair pricing - no surprises
  • Fast and helpful customer support

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what a few customers said after switching to Buzzsprout.

  • We had several years of content that I needed to import and organize in one fell swoop, and Buzzsprout offered that for free and with tremendous ease.

  • I looked at several comparison sites & most all noted Buzzsprout as the easiest to import. The layout is beautiful.

  • I heard about Buzzsprout from another podcaster and I made the switch. It's done wonders for my podcast.

Try Buzzsprout in under 15 minutes

Watch this video where Alban moves his podcast from SoundCloud to Buzzsprout in under 15 minutes. If you need any help during your move you can email our support team with any questions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Import a podcast to Buzzsprout. If you’re not delighted within 90 days just shoot us an email. We’ll help you move back to your previous host and refund all charges.
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The happiest podcasters
Net Advertiser Score is a methodology for understanding customer happiness. We break the meter, scoring 70. That’s 58% higher than the industry average of 41.