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Jacques J.

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Great! Thank you so much for your help! :-)
Jedi Temple Archives Podcast
I was surprised to get an answer on a Saturday! Great customer service. Thanks!
Sam B.
Top notch as always!
Heidi P.
I switched over from Podbean thanks to your fast, friendly support. Thank you!!
Always get amazing support from the Buzzsprout team!
Scott G.
Fast and friendly aka brilliant. Thank you.
Amanda O.
Went the extra mile! Very happy indeed, thank you.
Carl R.
Customer Support Ratings
Quick and clear response! Thanks!
Keep it up !!
G-Clef Productions
I love this site. So friendly and helpful. Keep it up guys.
Clint W.
Thanks so much! Very helpful!
Huck Institutes
I am enjoying learning how to podcast! Thank you for this program!
Rochelle O.
This app is awesome!
Shubham S.
Such quick and helpful service! Thank you!
Michelle R.
I especially appreciated the follow up note I received, telling me my suggestion (on making certain information clearer in Buzzsprout's help pages) would be passed on to the website team.
Dianne S.
Priscilla was there to answer questions immediately and get all issues resolved. Superior service!
Pam P.
Excellent support. I will be suggesting Buzzsprout to everyone interested. Thank you.
I did not expect such a fast response! Thank you!! This is why I went with your service! Thank you!!!
Dan W.
Priscilla was amazing, give that girl a raise, promotion, something. Even a high five!
Why I Network
Speedy response when I panicked about transferring my show.
Sheelagh C.
Rahmat A.
Always great support.
Rod C.
Thank you, Priscilla! It’s awesome to receive an email from a human at Buzzsprout. I’m impressed!
Lovelace C.
Amazing service even before I have parted with any money, makes me so much more confident in my choice and willing to sign up to the top tier with a monthly fee. I will be recommending the service for sure.
Barri G.
Addie helped me to get my album art looking correct. Somehow it was showing up on Apple Podcasts super desaturated, but she and her Homies fixed it. Woo-hoo!!
Allegory and Elm
Thank you!!! It appeared shortly after I emailed. 😊
Stephani C.
You guys were super fast with your response and I think I understand our self induced problem and should be able to fix it. Thanks!!!
Rod C.
I appreciate the immediate help. Thank you Addie
Telling Simple
Response was lightning quick, thorough and friendly! I’m thankful I chose Buzzsprout for my podcast hosting needs!
Jeremy P.
Priscilla was super helpful and kind :)
Aly Z.
Loved the comm!
Ravyn D.
Thanks for fixing it quick.
Backwater B.
Thanks Kevin for the succint and prompt response.
Anthony T.
You got back to me quickly. Thank you.
Recovering God Podcast
Just excellent! Love your customer support ~ thank you.
Moira S.
A very fast response. Problem had already resolved itself, but the speed of the reply was hugely appreciated.
Jamie C.
Yes! Help me transfer my feed please. Send me the link, dear Priscilla.
Dr Olga M.
Priscilla is so quick and efficient in response. Thanks a lot
Sachin P.
Thanks you guys are great!
Theresa H.
Priscilla got right back to me and explained things in a very clear way. Perfect for me, who is still learning g all this stuff!
Michelle R.
So speedy and helpful!
Karina W.
Priscilla was quick and to reach out and respond. Thanks!
Darryl B.
Being a first class "newbie" to this community, I will need all the help, advice and assistance that I can find. Buzzsprout has proven so far to be willing to share.
Peter K.
Shain S.
You guys are the best!
Arthur B.
Quick and fast response...very helpful!
Steve R.
I switched over from Podbean thanks to your fast, friendly support. Thank you!!
Priscilla, prompt and in point once again! Thank you!
Zoe D.
Speedy response!!! Thank you..
Robert W.
Fast, accurate, and I am HAPPY! Thanks for the help Priscilla!
Evan M.
Impressed at the quick response
Janine S.
Couldn't ask for anything better, thanks so much for the great work!!
Jacques J.
I decided to start podcasting and reviewed the podcast hosts and thought Buzzsprout looked the best. My choice has been confirmed. . .the support is GREAT !!!YAAAAY Buzzsprout!
Diane S.
Quick and helpful response!
James M.
Fast and helpful! Will definitely be requesting this support operator soon!
Tyler K.
Priscilla was quick to respond & extremely helpful!
Michelle S.
This is all new to me, at 71 I'm producing and hosting my own podcast...go figure. Thanks to the great support staff Alitu and Buzzsprout all this is possible.
Theresa H.
Thank You for your quick response
Delmer E.
Super quick response, very helpful and friendly. Thank you!
Kayleigh W.
Thank you for the very prompt help! It is greatly appreciated and I got my submission to Apple Podcasts done.
Sharon J.
It was the answer I needed! Thank you Addie!
Laura P.
Service with a smile and perfect patience.
Amazing customer service! Super helpful. Thank you 🙏🏼
Mireya P.
Awesome! It was easy!
Chris W.
Great service Priscilla!
Nkosinathi L.
Very quick!! Addie was awesome!
Michael H.
Thank you! 😁
Monica S.
Quick and excellent support.
Mathias S.
Thanks, John. Very prompt, and great support.
Pavan C.
Priscilla cut through my stupid
Paul A.
SUCH FAST SERVICE!! So thrilled with Buzzsprout!
Shetini Podcast
Superb support. Thanks, Guys!
Pavan C.
Quick response (on a Sunday!) and resolved my issue. Thank You!
Won Sports
MSG of Hope
Worked like a charm. Thanks!
Sean F.
Always quick and friendly.
Cards With Ester & Rachel
Quick responses as always.
Brad S.
Addie's understanding and genuine desire to help me solve the issue is just another reason why I am recommending Buzzsprout to any and everyone inquiring about my experience with the company.
Jackie C.
Service (answers to my many questions) on Buzzsprout so far has been exceptional...
Brian H.
Very happy to get a little help out of the gate and very responsive! I look forward to a long relationship.
Mike S.
Dayna R.
Awesome, thank yo!
Kenny L.
Priscilla is a sweetheart!! Keep it up gf!!
Crystal M.
Top notch as always!
Heidi P.
Brilliant thanks.
From Lads To Dads
Fast and helpful!!
Pepir J.
Very prompt!
Wide Awake Pretty Girl
Thanks for the very fast reply to my question! Excellent customer service!
Pamela R.
Addie was fantastic to deal with, very helpful, friendly and most importantly, highly efficient. Thank you!
Jen R.
Quick response!
Discussions Podcast
So helpful + easy to understand!
Jessica L.
Quick support, thanks!
Sergio B.
Great help.
Arnold G.
super fast response, and answered my exact question! thanks!
Nathan G.
Thanks for the help and swift reply!!
Mahan S.
Very prompt and gave me the answers I needed.
J.P. H.
Great service!
Nick V.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply, Pricilla!
Quick response. Thanks!
Daniel H.
Quick response! Thank you for your help!
Marisa H.
Timely, informative, and an overall great client experience :) :)
Lauren M.
One day, when I purchase Buzzsprout - the whole company, I will enjoy working with everyone.
Stephen M.
Great as always.
Paul P.
Thanks for replying so quickly!
Ralph D.
Very helpful answer. Thank you!
Marisa H.
Thank you!
Inner Integration
Priscilla was wonderful! She was very kind in all of her responses and patient with me! I would love to talk to her every time if I could!
Amber V.
Informative and friendly. Answered all my questions.
Kerry C.
Thanks for the help.
Alexander K.
Quick and helpful response as always! Thank you!
Jedi Temple Archives Podcast
Addie was quick to respond and her answers were clear. It was a pleasure communicating with her!
Jordan M.
Excellent service as always. 👍
Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast
Fast, helpful, & friendly.Great Job!
Michele C.
For a newbie like me - it's necessary so YES and keep on until I can on my own :)
Karen B
Very fast. Thanks
Simone D.
Great so fast!
Francesca G.
Buzzsprout is awesome!
Minifan Show
As always, you guys kill it! Thank you so much for your great support!
Andrew H.
Super helpful and specific info.
James T.
Thx. Most helpful!
Frankie L.
Many thanks for your help.!
Francis U.
Quick and helpful, thanks so much!
Steve E.
Quick and friendly response!
Very good experience. Fast, helpful and friendly. Thank you very much for your support.
Kerry C
Diana W.
Fast response, great service! Thanks!
Dave L.
Thanks - you folks rock! Customer service is outstanding.
Rita Long Coaching
I was surprised to get an answer on a Saturday! Great customer service. Thanks!
Sam B.
I appreciate the help and support. And of course the ticket to the event. Many thanks.
Dr Karl G.
Thank you so much I appreciate the support and help.
The Greenbox Social
As always. Quick and helpful reply.
Jarod C.
Thank you.
Carlos F.
Fast response and always answer any questions we have. That makes it so much easier and comforting when starting a new podcast!
The Via Domus Team
Buzzsprout has been so supportive to me--very responsive and extremely generous! Great company to do business with!
Very helpful and pretty easy and thanks.
Ted G.
The team is very helpful and I appreciate their support.
Desheen E.
I love the response time of the very knowledgeable staff who are also very friendly...and funny!
Audra R.
Always a great experience with Buzzsprout. Thankful I made the transition.
4theWilling - Chats with Coach Debbi
Fast and convenient.
T Carlton D.
Almost instantaneous response. Friendly, reassuring answer.
Michael S.
Good support as always 😊.
Shaun B.
Such great responses - fast, informative, & friendly!
Regina W.
John replied quickly and not long after that the issue I reported was fixed.
Dave H.
Response within a few hours! That's great!
Pedro C.
Very clear and helpful response!
Angela Y.
Thank you for the timely information.
Quick and answered the technical question spot on.
Simon G.